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AIMS Power Flush Mount 30 Amp Charge Controller PWM 12/24V - SCC30AFM

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For those committed to off-the-grid living, this AIMS Power Flush 30-Amp Solar Charge Controller lets you keep your battery powered via solar panel wherever you happen to be – traveling by RV or truck or maintaining a convenient and reliable solar-power solution for your home.

This new and improved design ensures your battery holds a charge as long as sunlight is available. To do this, a solar charge controller manages the power passing into the battery bank. Once your system is set up, this device guards against battery depletion and prevents power from running in reverse to the sun-based boards overnight.

Installation for this compact, flush-mounted and durable system is straightforward. All you need to do is connect positive and negative 10AWG cables, and it’s ready to perform. Once active, a convenient LCD display delivers easy-to-read information concerning battery and solar panel voltage, the charging status.

  • Flush mount design
  • 12 & 24V
  • Small and compact ideal for small areas
  • Conformal coated for marine environments
  • Works with lithium, Gel AGM and lead acid
  • Efficient and uses the latest PWM charging technology and state of charge monitoring, adjusts charging based on battery voltage prolonging overall battery life
  • LCD displays key information such as battery voltage, solar panel voltage, solar panel charging current and battery status
  • PV input, battery output ports (DC load port on 10amp)
  • USB outlet
  • Included mounting bracket for flat mount


PV Operating Voltage:

  • 55Voc max

Rated PV input:

  • 12V – 360 Watts
  • 24V – 720 watts
  • Maximum battery current: 30 amps
  • Max PV open circuit voltage: 55V
  • Self power consumption: <2 watt
  • Efficiency: 97%
  • Protections: overload, short circuit, high voltage, high temperature, low voltage and auto correct
  • Optimal cooling case design


  • Battery types: gel, sealed, AGM, flooded, lithium, user defined (adjustable voltage)
  • 3 Stage charging: boost, float and equalize
  • Boost charge voltage: sealed 14.4V, AGM/Gel 14.2V, flooded 14.6V, lithium user defined 10-15V
  • Float charge voltage:  sealed/AGM/Gel 13.8V, flooded 13.8V, lithium NA defined 10-15V
  • Equalize charge voltage: sealed 14.6V, AGM/Gel NA, flooded 14.8V, lithium NA user defined 10-15V
  • Low voltage reconnection: 12.6V
  • Low voltage disconnect voltage: 11.1V (10.5-12.5V adjustable)


  • Enclosure: IP32
  • Cooling: heatsink
  • Humidity: 100% non-condensing
  • Temperature compensation: -5mV⁰C
  • Temperature range: -35⁰C to 45⁰C or -31⁰F to 113⁰F
  • Conformal coated for marine environments
  • Unit weight: .5 lb
  • Boxed weight: 1 lb
  • Dimensions: 5.125”W x 3.5”L x .75”H
  • 2 Year
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